Joining Our Owner Rental Program

Only Using Your RV 5 to 6 Times A Year? or Upside Down in Your RV?

Now Accepting Late Model Class A & C Motorhomes, and Towables

Nashville RV’s Owners program is a successful private motorhome rental program and designed to allow current RV owners and new RV purchasers to gain income from their RVs. Our rental program and fleet is tightly managed and dedicated to maintaining the owner’s RV in impeccable condition inside and out.
Our RV Owners lease program is beneficial to RV owners who do not use their RVs enough to justify owning them, or the costs of ownership have become burdensome or even RV owners who have simply upgraded their coaches but havent yet sold their previous RV. Active units enrolled in Nashville RV fleet program generally enjoy 24-26 weeks of rentals per year, and RV owners can make up to + (depending on the unit) per year from the rental of their RVs.

Of course, an RV rental program may not suit everyone. That’s why we do not lock the RV or RV owner into an annual contract. Our Owner Rental fleet program is 100% opt in. There are NO RESTRICTIONS on owner’s use and RVs enrolled in the rental fleet can earn money while actively listed for sale.

In addition to the program’s financial benefits, there are also many tax incentives and benefits which may apply to RV owners enrolled in a rental program. We suggest that Owners consult their own tax professional for more information.

Enrollment in Nashville RV Rental’s lease program is surprisingly easy! Owners just supply the RV and we do the rest. We proudly feature almost every manufacturer of RVs. We have the renters, the experience and a very stringent screening process. We manage the unit, collect the rental fees and deposits and generate a monthly itemized statement and check on the 15th of each month.

It’s time to start earning money today. It’s a sure way to maximize your RV investment! Call us about our ORP today (615) 884-5000 and ask about our great Owner Rental Program.