Bonnaroo music festival lineup is nothing short of amazing. But where can you stay, be comfortable and have a place to crash after a day of fantastic music and partying? While Bonnaroo has tents, VIP tents and RVs for rent – it can get quite expensive. Nashville RV provides only the finest Bonnaroo RV rental so you can enjoy the 2015 festival experience.
Bonnaroo RV Rental Guide

Your Bonnaroo RV Rental Information Guide 2015

When renting an RV from Nashville RV, you’ll be pleased to know that we do all the hard work for you. We arrive the the Farm, setup your RV at Bonnaroo, and when the festival is over, we come pick up the unit so there’s no worry on your part about removal.

We also offer free parking if you’re picking up a Class A or Class C RV from our RV rental facility in Nashville. Coming in from Nashville airport? We will pick you up via our shuttle and bring you right to your rental. Your Bonnaroo RV rental will come equipped with a full bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator and we can even stock your RV for you!

Things to Take With You To Bonnaroo

Rest assured, the folks at Nashville RV will take care to load your Class A, Class C or Travel Trailer with the necessities you requested (see ), but there will be some things to take with you as you wander the festival. These are some of the most important items to keep on your person at Bonnaroo we think you should know about:

  1. A good sized backpack. This will be your lifeline to everything you’ll need for the festival. It will carry your cash (do not take your credit cards with you), bottles of water and more important items we’re going to mention below…
  2. Sunscreen: The Tennessee sun is unforgiving and with no rain expected for the festival, your first line of defense is going to be suncreen, lots of it.
  3. Toilet Paper! Need we say more? While your Nashville RV comes stocked with uber-fluffy tp, the port-o-johns do not after about 10am. So while you are out wandering the festival grounds, be sure to bring a roll with you in the backpack (mentioned in item 1)
  4. Rainboots or Boots: regardless that the weather is going to be awesome, there will be mud… and lots of it. So don’t wear your best Nike’s or Jordans
  5. Camping Chairs: please see your RV rental guide about including some camping chairs for the festival. If you buy 1 or two at the festival, they’ll probably break the same day and you’ll then have to use the next item to clean the grass stains off all your shorts…
  6. Soap, liquid, wipes or otherwise: While your Class A or Class C will have showers, travel trailers will not, so you may find yourself having to head over to the pods and pay $10 per shower.


    Click here for your sitemap of Bonnaroo 2015 and see where we’ll park your Bonnaroo RV rental vehicle.


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