Rental FAQ

Got questions? We have answers.

Rental FAQ2020-09-29T10:09:30-06:00
What types of payments do you accept?2020-07-20T09:11:05-06:00

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.If you plan to pay by check, it must clear BEFORE departure (usually 10 business days)

Do I need a CDL drivers license to drive a motorhome?2020-07-20T09:12:11-06:00

No. You only need a standard issued drivers license.

What if I have mechanical difficulties during my trip?2020-07-20T09:12:45-06:00

You have access to call our personal RV Technician Staff after hours with a dedicated phone number. All of our units are also protected with Coach-Net, a network of over 4,000 service providers. Coach-Net offers services from assisting you with anything from a battery jump to a tow service, from a tire change to fuel delivery or even help with a lockout. They also have factory trained technicians that can provide 24-hr. telephone assistance with vehicle operation for appliances and chassis. Most of our units are new or nearly new and are covered under the factory roadside assistance programs.

What is the minimum age for drivers?2020-07-20T09:13:27-06:00

Drivers must be at least 25 years old (insurance regulations).

How Does insurance work? Do I have the option to purchase rental insurance?2020-07-20T09:14:00-06:00

Most Auto Policies will cover you during your trip, check with your personal agent to verify if your policy will transfer over (we need a binder issued). If so, no additional insurance is needed.If this is not possible; a Collision Damage Waiver can be purchased from $18.00 per day.

When can I pick up the motorhome? When does it have to be dropped back off?2020-07-20T09:14:39-06:00

You can schedule your pickup as early as 9:00 AM the day of your 1st rental day(early pickup fee), otherwise checkouts are between 1:00-4:00 PM. You must return the motorhome by 11:00 AM the day of your last rental day. For example, if have set up a 4 day/3 night rental for Fri. – Mon., you could pick up your unit between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Friday., and you must return it between 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM on Monday. Please contact us if you require special arrangements, we will do our best to satisfy your needs as long as our rental schedule coincides. ALL RENTAL DEPARTURES ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Are pets allowed?2020-07-20T09:15:19-06:00

Usually our units are pet-free. On occasion we have units in our fleet that allow pets for an additional pet fee. Call for availability and details.

Is smoking allowed?2020-07-20T09:15:55-06:00

No. All units are scrictly smoke-free.

What comes with the RV? What do I need to bring?2020-07-20T09:16:26-06:00

Units will only come with the things on the coach that came from the factory. Any additional linens, you will need to provide or purchase a linen package from our available optional accessories. A coffee pot, microwave, stove, refrigerator, and freezer all come standard in each RV. However, you will need to bring with you all food, cooking supplies, dishes, and eating utensils that you plan on using or purchase a Kitchen Kit. In addition, paper for lavatory use will be provided, as well as all hoses and connectors for outside hookup’s. Please contact us with any special requests.

Can I watch TV while driving?2020-07-20T09:16:50-06:00

Yes. Most of the units have TV’s that will work while in transit. Some units are also equipped with satellite systems, DVD’s, or Chrome Cast’s that work while the motorhome is moving.

Are the RVs fully self-contained?2020-07-20T09:17:31-06:00

Motorhome units are 100% self-contained. Our motorhomes have onboard generators for power, complete kitchens, and fully-functional restrooms. Travel Trailers are 80% self-contained. Travel Trailers have complete kitchens, and fully-functional restrooms but need a source of power from a Shore power source or you can rent a generator from us.

Do you allow vehicle towing?2020-07-20T09:17:54-06:00

Towing is not allowed behind our motor homes.

Why? Our Motor homes are built to 75-80% of its chassis capacity. Towing a vehicle would surpass the RV’s weight capabilities.

How do I find campgrounds with the proper hookup’s?2020-07-20T09:18:27-06:00

There are many great campgrounds across Tennessee and the United States with RV hookup’s. For help locating the right one for your trip, visit KOA or National State Parks sites, these are equipped with links to several campground directories and travel-related websites that will be a great place to start your search.

Where can I dump the holding tanks?2020-07-20T09:19:03-06:00

Most campgrounds and truck stops have waste disposal facilities to drain both your black and gray tanks. Also, for your convenience, you can return your coach with full holding tanks that we can dump for a fee of 50.00