The PokemonGO phenomen is here and if you’re a little lost in the jargon, Nashville RV is here to help. By now you’ve heard of the newest game by Niantic or have seen zombies walking around your neighborhood with cell phones extended. It’s a strange new world out there, and this summer’s hottest new game is a chance for you to connect with your kids (young and old) now more than ever.

PokemonGO Advantages

If you’re considering renting an RV for a family trip, you are in for a treat – especially if your kids (or you) play the game. You’ll be pleased to see that your PokemonGO experience and gameplay is heightened when you’re free to travel the country in a Nashville RV.

Traveling to different places affords you the ability to capture different type of Pokemon with ease. Let your kids know you’re going on a PokemonGO Adventure and watch their faces light up – they know the importance of being on the move to hunt down rare Pokemon and capture them to a Pokedex.

PokemonGO Insights

In case you aren’t yet hip to the game and want to speak the lingo, we’ve put together a brief synopsis of what you’re looking for and looking at in the game.

PokemonGO at Nashville RV

PokemonGO at Nashville RV

  1. Get a Pikachu To add to Your Pokedex: If you’ve just started or are about to start, be sure to bypass the first 3 Pokemon (Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle) – doing so will net you a Pikachu. They aren’t very important, but have great bragging rights< - especially when your kids don't have one... /li>
  2. Eggs and What they’re Good For: In our opinion, the real beauty of this game is the fact that in order to play, you really need to get out. The game will track your movement using GPS which allows you to hatch eggs. I know, it all sounds a bit odd when explaining it, but bear with me. Eggs are hatched using incubators (in your items list). You can only hatch an egg when you’ve walked a certain distance (2km, 5km and 10km). The longer the walk, the better the Pokeman you’ll receive.
  3. Pokestops: These are all destinations that will give you Pokeballs, potions and even eggs. But they are also a fantastic way to get your kids involved in what they really mean. Pokestops are top destinations that are relevant to the history of the area, like a monument, building or statue.
  4. Tracking: You’ll often see some characters appear close. When you click to open the grid, you’ll see they all have 3 footrpints. Niantic has been tight lipped about how this works, but I think I have it figured out. Open the grid and you’ll see 9 characters on the screen. The TOP LEFT Pokemon is the one closest to you. So begin walking, typically 90 meters and you’ll begin to notice if the character drops in rank or the footsteps are reduced. You may need to do a 180 if you’re tracking a particular character. The best part about this is being able to help your kids through the game and do some hiking!
  5. Different Characters Spawn in Different Areas: Some Pokemon characters are drawn to water and others to grass, or trees or other type of outdoor venue. Museums, music venues, historic places, will all have desirable creatures to capture in your Pokedex. Let the kids know you’re going on a Pokehunt!
  6. UBER SECRET TIP: Level Up Faster: Want to level up in the game faster than your kids? Simple. Collect as many smaller, easy to catch Pokémon when you get a chance. These are Wild Weedles, Caterpie and Rattatas. You earn 3 candies for catching plus experience (XP) points. Doing so will give you candies to evolve these simple creatures. The next part must be times right. You will need at least 30 minutes of play time to complete this step and level fast.Items you’ll need are an Incense and a Lucky Egg. Now then, look through your items and see if there is a “Lucky Egg”. If there is one, and you have the time, light off that incense and the egg and you will now make double the XP points. Now also start up the incense as mentioned earlier. Be sure you’re near a Pokestop so that every 5 minutes you’ll get more Pokeballs and more XP. You’ll now get 1000 xp for every Pokemon you evolve. You’ll still also be able to catch new characters with the incense you’ve set off. That’s how you level fast.

Come by our new office in Franklin and catch up on a super close Pokestop. We’ll be setting lures out this weekend.. so be ready to catch them all!
Be sure to ask your Nashville RV Rental Agent about our WiFi packages to ensure you stay up to date on the game while on the road!