Political Campaign RV Rentals

Whether you’re running for city council or the Presidency of the United States, Nashville RV has the political RV rental that will suit your staff, their needs and your budget. An RV is a massive billboard rolling down our nation’s highways and impressive as they sit at town hall meetings and other campaign functions.

Politicians (prospective & current) need rolling marketing to share their message as the campaign travels from city to city. The need for a quality political campaign RV is a must have to grow constituents and gain new voters. Nashville RV will help your campaign make an striking and impactful entrance at all events.

Gain potential voter attention with a RV rental professionally managed by Nashville RV. A 40 foot Class A diesel pusher is hard to miss when traveling down America’s highways and pulling into the next campaign stop.

Keep your political campaign on the move even during the downtime between national events with a premier political campaign RV rental. We can also help with getting an RV wrap to fit the needs of the marketing campaign.

Our RVs can be completely custom wrapped with your slogan and powerful imagery. Please contact a Nashville RV associate about our RV wraps.

A Political Campaign RV Amenities

With the ability to retain full communication capabilities to stay in contact with advisers and keep all social media accounts up to date, any campaign can easily use these campaign RVs as full featured headquarters on the road. Your social marketing managers will love the WiFi and network speed as your tweets, likes and other social notices are posted.

  • Seating for multiple staff
  • Tons of Storage
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Full Kitchen
  • Full Bathroom with Shower
  • Exterior Awnings
  • Onboard Generator
  • Fresh Water Tanks: 100 Gallons
  • Large LCD TVs
  • DVD | Blu-Ray Players
  • AM/FM Radio – CD/MP3 Players
  • Satellite TV Signal
  • Broadband WiFi

All of our political RV rentals come equipped with the essential amenities to keep you moving down the highway and getting ready for your next campaign stop.