Making plans to visit relatives and friends this holidays season and don’t want to pay for expensive hotels and airfare? Nashville RV has you and your guests overnight stays covered and allows you more time to spend with your family. Staying at a hotel keeps you out of the action and further away from the people you’re trying to visit with; so consider renting an RV during the holidays.

Save Money on Airfare + Hotel When Renting An RV During the Holidays

If you’re planning on visiting your family this year, again, and are going the same travel route of buying airline tickets, renting a hotel room and getting a rental car… consider an all-inclusive holiday package by renting an RV.

A family of six can expect to spend close to $5000 or more (airfare + hotel) on a four day holiday weekend visiting family. But when considering using an RV, like a Class A rental, your costs can be cut to only the rental costs, food and fuel to get you there and back (approximately $975.00).

Consider being on the open road, seeing the sites and stopping at funky locations as you cut a swath of highway on your family’s journey. Or would you rather stand in long lines at an airport somewhere, going through check-in, TSA checkpoints and crossing your fingers flights aren’t canceled, seats are bumped or luggage lost?

For shorter trips to family (less than 200 miles), renting an RV during the holidays makes an ideal solution on where to stay even better when visiting relatives. You simply pull up to your parent or siblings home and park. Get more time to visit with family during Thanksgiving or Christmas by renting an RV. Stay at a home, not a costly hotel.

Smaller Class C RVs sleep up to six adults, travel trailers (temp housing rv) and the larger, Class A RVs can sleep up to at least eight adults!

Renting an RV or travel trailer during the holidays only makes sense to take an opportunity like RV travel to the next level. All RVs come equipped with full kitchens, bathrooms (with showers), sleeping quarters to fit any configuration, large screen televisions and most now come with WiFi.

Plan Your Stay Your Way, In a Custom RV

Nashville RV has a large fleet of rental vehicles that fit the bill when you’re stuck trying to think of where everyone is going to stay either in your home or at a distant hotel/motel. Consider an RV much like a temporary housing unit for your guests.

Did you know we will deliver the temp housing RV (trailer) directly to you? We will level and set up so all your guests have to do is unpack and unwind.

This growing trend has families making the change and reserving RVs for their travel and temporary housing accommodations. If your visit is within 100 miles of Nashville, we can provide a temporary housing RV and drop it right at your relatives door, plus setup. Get more information by calling and speaking with an RV rental professional at Nashville RV today.

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