The Rolling Stones made their 5th career stop in Nashville playing at The LP Field. Brad Paisley opened the concert for The Stones winning the crowd over and warming up for the main act. Also showing up on-stage were Carrie Underwood and Joe Walsh (The Eagles). One of the bigger highlights of the show, was that our premier Class A RV was front and center (in the field) playing host to a great group.

Nashville RV has rented many an RV to the Nashville music crowd and we’re pleased and proud to have been chosen one of the best places to rent an RV in Nashville for the Rolling Stones event concert.

RV Rentals at the Rolling Stones Event

What Nashville RV provides for all concert going clients is the ease of use for RV rentals. Once a customer chooses the RV size (Class A or Class C), we schedule the delivery of the RV to the event and the pickup date.

On the date of delivery, a Nashville RV team member will deliver your RV right to the concert parking area. We’ll set up your RV, have it leveled and stock it full from the list you may have requested.

We want you to enjoy the concert and not have to worry about setup or missing an item you wanted to have in the RV. So, relax and enjoy the Rolling Stones at LP Field or any venue like this client did!

If you have an event or venue you’d like to rent an RV for, please call (615) 884-5000 or fill out our online RV rental request form.

Rolling Stones RV Rental