Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an annual event that takes place in Manchester, Tennessee during the second week of June. It is a four-day festival filled with live music, arts, and comedy. Organizers expect thousands of attendees each year to converge on the site. Finding a camping site can be hard with that amount of people.

Bonnaroo Festival 2017

To make your Bonnaroo festival experience more enjoyable and hassle-free, you can consider getting one of the RV rentals. It will definitely be an interesting outdoor arts experience for you and your friends when you take an RV to the festival.

The onsite campground at the festival has been set for both RV and campers. The good news is that the RV hookup areas are within the main camping area of the Bonnaroo festival. Music lovers will still be right where the action is happening. And because the festival is a family-friendly event, children are welcome in the campgrounds. Families with children will surely have a memorable experience during the event.

Below are some of the reasons why people should consider RV rentals for Bonnaroo Festival.

No Worries about the Weather

Weather can be unpredictable. And when it rains, the campgrounds can be very muddy. It rained during the 2004 and 2005 editions of the festival. Do you want to spend the time in a soggy tent, or be comfortable inside an RV? When you choose the latter, you, your family or friends don’t need to worry about a dry bed to sleep in after each day of music, arts, and comedy.

No Sharing of Bathroom

Without RV rentals, you need to wait in line for your turn to use the portable toilet. Not only that, it is used by a lot of strangers before you. And you will need to use it several times during the four-day Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Enjoy a Warm Shower

A dance of dancing and partying will make you sweat a lot. Not only that, campfires, cigarette smoke, and other elements can make you stinky. You don’t want to sleep at night like that, right? While there are shower stalls available for campers, you should expect the lines to be long no matter what time of the day. With RV rentals, there’s no need to worry about when your next shower will be.

Get to Eat Hot Homemade Food

While there are food stalls in the campground, there’s nothing like real home cooked meals to recharge after the day’s activities. RV rentals come with a kitchen that includes a refrigerator to store perishables. You can also bring fresh vegetables and fruits, and keep beer cold. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

As you can see, Bonnaroo RV rentals can greatly enhance your Bonnaroo experience. You get to enjoy your privacy and at the same time be part of an RV community during the music festival.