Many people are looking for ways to have an inexpensive wedding while still having as many guests and as much fun as they’d like. An RV wedding rental is a great way to have a wonderful wedding within a reasonable budget.


Outdoor weddings at resorts, the beach and campgrounds have become a popular wedding venue. Most have picturesque scenery, entertainment facilities and of course, space for big RVs and makeup trailers to accommodate many guests. An outdoor wedding can become a weekend long event, gathering family and friends for activities such as swimming, barbecues, hiking and sitting around a campfire all with a comfortable place to stay and relax overnight.

RV Wedding Rental: Loved By Wedding Planners

Wedding RVs can house guests and tradespeople such as caterers and hair and makeup stylists who’ve come for the wedding. Most wedding planners agree, a makeup trailer is extremely useful when attending to the bride and bridesmaids at an outdoor event.

If considering an outdoor wedding, you must consider where your VIP guests may sleep. Consider renting Class C Motorhome that sleeps up to 8 guests for as little as $270 per night. That’s less than half what it would cost at a hotel, and your guests are instantly set up at your outdoor event. As well, your guests can retire to the safety and convenience without having to drive back to a hotel – especially if they’ve been partying at your reception.

There are beautiful campgrounds and RV sites that not only offer RVs and cottages for rent, but even have banquet services and wedding planners available. Your wedding can be as casual or as formal as you like with so many resorts to choose from and Nashville RV rentals as luxurious as you can imagine.

Wedding plans running out of ideas or time?

If you’re worried about time or nearing your wedding date and not sure what to do when it comes to having a large number of guests converging at your home wedding; consider renting an RV from Nashville RV. We can eliminate any fears of where your guests are going to sleep, or how you’re going to get you and your bridesmaids ready, especially at an outdoor wedding.

Your wedding can be as short or as long as you like with the safety, comfort and convenience of renting an RV for yourself and guests. An entire weekend celebrating your wedding will be more memorable than a ceremony followed by a reception which may only last a few hours. Celebrating your wedding day

There are inexpensive option for any wedding RV rental in Nashville and the surrounding area. Inexpensive RV rentals for weddings can give you exactly what you’d like for your special day, just the way you want it. If you’re a bride to be or a wedding planner, please call today to find out more about an RV wedding rental with Nashville RV at 615) 884-5000 or receive more information via our request form here: RV Rental Information Request