Spray foam problems for any homeowner can be devastating and make temp RV housing necessary when problems arise. Spray foam insulation is becoming quite the norm for most new homes and home renovations and can help reduce utility costs when properly applied. But, this study by the CBC reveals that when improperly applied, can be devastating to homeowners as shown in the video above.

The investigation discovered that some installers could be spraying too much of the chemicals in large amounts where they don’t bond properly and off-gassing may cause health problems.

Some residents are reporting that after improper installation of spray foam, they smell a fishy odor and have complained about headaches and nausea. Spray foam specialists insist that no one should be in the home during installation.

Spray Foam Problems Can Cause Asthma Lung Damage and Other Respiratory Problems

If your home is in need of repairs due to faulty installation of spray foam, its good to know that you can stay on your property by utilizing our temp RV housing. Nashville RV provides temporary housing to homeowners when necessary. We also work with insurance companies and are registered with FEMA in case of other emergencies.

“We thought we were doing something to improve our home and instead basically destroyed my home,” one homeowner tells Tom Harrington. “They ruined it. We can’t live in it anymore.”

We deliver temporary RV housing units direct to your driveway which ensures the schedule of your family isn’t disrupted. If you are having spray foam problems with your home and need a temporary RV that has all the amenities of your home, please call and talk with a Nashville temp RV agent today about your needs for temporary housing at (615) 884-5000.

All of our temproary housing units have full kitchens, full bathrooms with showers, large screen TVs, some have fireplaces, sliding glass doors and bunk beds and most will sleep up to 8 people.

We have agents standing by and provide temporary RV housing throughout Nashville, Knoxville and Birmingham.

Spray Foam Problems

Spray Foam Problems

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