RV insurance is important if you’ve ever rented an RV. You know that insurance plays a large part of being safe and secure while you travel and vacation with your family. Your homeowners insurance and vehicle insurance will only cover so much, if any, so be aware of your RV rental insurance needs prior to hitting the road.

Your Nashville RV rental agent will have all of the information waiting for you prior to pickup, but if you have any additional questions, please ask.

Did you know that Nashville RV also has one of the best RV repair facilities in Tennessee? We can handle your insurance claim from start to finish. Our RV service center is capable of performing maintenance tasks, AC repair, heater repair, we even do RV body work and even whole engine replacements! Visit the Nashville RV Repair to speak with an RV service specialist.

Nashville RV has also come up with a few additional tips to help RV renters and for those who own their RVs. It’s important to contact your insurance agent about any loss while on the road. If the loss or damage is an emergency, contact your agent or the nearest branch of your insurance carrier to report your claim.

RV Insurance Claims Tips

  1. Report burglary or theft to the RV to police immediately. Any personal injury and accidents resulting in property damage may also need to be reported to the police.
  2. In the event of an accident, contact your insurance agent (and Nashville RV) immediately.
  3. Let your insurance agent know how you can be contacted while you are on the road.
  4. Make temporary RV repairs and protect your property from further damage once it is safe to do so. Save your receipts and submit them with your RV insurance claim. Keep in mind that any payments for temporary repairs could be a part of your total settlement.
  5. Maintain records of expenses and copies of paperwork. Also retain copies of any and all RV insurance correspondence. This includes printing email responses as well.
  6. Return required documents to your insurance agent as soon as possible. You may be required to submit various forms or documents in support of your RV insurance claim, such as Proof of Loss forms, medical invoices, repair bills and a copy of the police report.

Our renters can contact Ford Roadside Assistance 24 hours per day. Whether its fuel, flat tire, lockouts, spare tire exchange or breakdown of the engine; Ford will tow the RV to the nearest dealership.

If you need to make an RV insurance claim, be sure use our tips above. If you need RV service, body work or other RV insurance related repair, call or contact Nashville RV today.